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The Voice is the Oboe and the Oboe is the Voice

It’s been 4 whole years since I’ve presented a solo concert in my hometown, but the wait is over!  Please join me at Festus Methodist Church June 3 at 7:00 pm for a wonderful evening of voice and oboe.


Sonata for Oboe and Piano – F. Poulenc
Serenade for Oboe/Voice and Piano – J. Coleman (world premiere)
Shepherd on the Rock – F. Schubert
Cinq Pieces pour le Hautbois – A. Dorati
12 Variations on Schubert’s Heidenröslein – L. Sinigaglia

There will be a reception to follow!

Hope to see you all there!!!

-another sopraboist


Endings and Beginnings

As I reach the end of my time in Connecticut I am becoming more and more aware at how intrinsically linked the words end and begin are.  Inevitably as you near the end of something it means the beginning of something else, yet that isn’t always how we view the situation.  As you walk across the stage at graduation you find yourself in the midst of a ceremony titled “Commencement,” a word with a huge double meaning. While it signifies the end of something, possibly something very meaningful to your life, something you may not want to leave or forget, the often forgotten double meaning of the word is that it is the beginning of something.

Lately I’ve been focusing so much on the beginning I’m about to embark on (beginning a DMA, moving to NYC, etc), that I’ve forgotten to bask in the endings I have been bombarded with. Yesterday I had my final lessons with my students and as each lesson was finished it finally began to sink in that I would not see these great kids again.  I am quite sad at that thought.  One student I have been teaching well over a year and am amazed at his progress. The fact that I will not be a part of or witness that progress anymore saddens me.

This celebration of my Connecticut end has been lost in a mist partially because I haven’t had any reason to feel like it was ending.  Sure I finished my degree, but I have chosen not to walk at graduation, and at my new school in New York I will still be studying with the same oboe teacher.  So in a very weird psychological way it’s not an ending, but a continuation. What I’m learning, or more accurately remembering, from all of this is that I need to take the time to smell the roses.  Once these endings are gone, and I’m fully in the beginnings the ending celebration window will have closed.

In short, celebrate every month, every week, every day, and every moment.  They all have endings and beginnings!  That’s that stuff that makes up life, and shouldn’t life be one giant celebration?

-another sopraboist

Make Tracks for the Zoo

In a mere 20 days I will be running in my first race ever!  The race is back home in the great state of Missouri and is affiliated with the St. Louis Zoo and the Children’s Hospital.  I never in a million years thought that I would enter any kind of race, but after I returned to the gym following the new year I realized that it wasn’t as hard as I thought to get my body and mind to travel farther distances and decided to challenge myself and of course drag my mother along for the ride.  We are both working on our overall health and I know this is a great goal to help us on our pursuit.

Some of you may be wondering about how I train and what kind of equipment I use…  So here goes…

As far as the shoes I wear, I happen to be a minimalist runner, so I sport the Vibram Five Finger Sprint.  I absolutely love them!  (Plus they look awesome…)  They allow me to run faster and farther than when I have regular running shoes on.  The only downside, and it could just be the way I run, but I have some huge calluses forming on my heals!

I also run with my iPhone using the RunKeeper app.  I currently have a love/hate relationship with this app.  It seems to shortchange me on distance and my speed.  For instance today I ran well over my distance for the 5K yet when I finished it said I still had a bit to go.  I remedy that by going to my account online and creating a course to see how far I actually did, and can guesstimate how long it actually took me.  Today I believe my 5K was finished in about 28-29 minutes, which is just a minute or so slower than my pace in the gym.

My training began on a treadmill in a nice climate controlled gym (it was winter in New England! There was NO WAY I was getting out on the road in the 65+ inches of snow we accumulated in one month alone!)  Yet I’m finding this was a nice way to begin since I have to keep up with the treadmill unlike road running where you can waver as much as you like.  In addition to the running I would also do a bit of cycling for about 30 minutes.

The weather has finally become acceptable for me to run outside and I will admit the first few runs were brutal!  I had lost my digital companion in the treadmill numbers, so I was all over the place with my speed and it also didn’t help that I had sustained a 3 week respite from running due to a busy schedule of music.  But as of today I am finally back to where I was on the treadmill.  I could have even ran another 3 miles! (Ok maybe not but I sure felt good when I was done today!)

So if you’re in the STL area on May 22 please come and join my mom and me in our first 5K!  Even if you’re walking!                     Make Tracks for the Zoo

(In a few months I might be able to do this….)

(Hey.. a girl can dream!)

-another sopraboist